Two Goats Brewing

5027 State Rte 414

Hector, NY

607-546-BEER (2337)

The Darts

December 9th, 2017 8-11pm

THE DARTS all hail from the Ithaca area, with a 5-piece sound that is essentially comprised of guitars, drums and vocals. While their music is original, their influences are familiar, and range from the Jayhawks, to the Beatles and The Band. The Darts are relatively new on the scene, but each of the members are alumni from other bands: The Bay-area’s The Naked Barbies, The New York Rock, Cats Elbow, Radio London, and a number of others in and around our area.

The Darts include Singer/guitarist Todd Edmonds, bassist Rick Kline, drummer Dan Lashkoff, lead guitarist Rob VanVleet, and rhythm guitarist Andy Russell who all contribute to the song-building adventure. It is a process that has yielded some really great collaborations. Who knows? they are getting great responses where ever they play— these guys just might surprise you.