Two Goats Brewing

5027 State Rte 414

Hector, NY

607-546-BEER (2337)

Jaclyn Marie

December 3rd, 2017 4-7pm

Jaclyn Marie has always been a hidden gem, a special favorite of music scene insiders but known to very few outside the circle. Now, with a beguiling debut CD and her first full band in 10 years she's finally revealing herself to a wider audience. Her new CD, "Late July" features 8 soulful, romantic, and spirited songs covering her personal journey over the last 8 years.


Jaclyn cites Ani DiFranco and Patty Griffin as strong personal influences, but her vocals seem to well up from deep inside her belly defying any obvious lineage. As for her goals as a songwriter she claims not to have any:"The songs just come. I tried to avoid playing music but I kept getting drawn back to it. I'd get depressed and things would start falling apart. When I'm writing and playing music my life just falls into place."