Two Goats Brewing

5027 State Rte 414

Hector, NY

607-546-BEER (2337)

About the Brewery

Built in a renovated 19th century barn with a sweeping view of Seneca Lake and powered by solar, Two Goats Brewing is an easy-going gathering place to drink stellar beer, listen to live original music and enjoy time with friends (or make some new ones!). 

A Tale of Two Goats

Two Goats: loosely translated: dopple bock...double bock....double goat...two goats!

It all started with a trip to a brew pub in Ithaca's collegetown (affectionately known as "The Chappy") and a pint of a blonde dopple bock beer. First taste and Jon Rodgers knew he wanted to learn to brew a batch for himself. So on that fine day in 1984, with the help of his father's wine-making equipment, his friend Scrubba, and a brew shop on Eddy street, he brewed up his first batch of beer....

It was not so delicious.

But practice makes perfect and eventually, by way, business-management, accounting, Oregon, California, Colorado and back to New York again; and with the help of good friends and many serendipitous 2010, Two Goats Brewing was born of Jon and Jessica Rodgers in Hector, NY.

About the Brewer

Ask most brewers about their craft and they usually have a lot to say. They'll go on and on in great technical detail about what goes into making a great beer. Not Jon. Without a formal education in brewing, he credits his brewing skill to his cooking skill (which he learned from his mother when he was young). That and lots of practice.

To Jon, beer is food and making beer is just like making soup. Start with some water, throw in a little grain, add a few herbs, cool, ferment and voila!  Fermented grain soup! Uh um...Beer!

About the Brew System

Two Goats beer is made in a 7 barrel brew system originally built by Glenn Shepard and Kingdom Brewers of Vermont. Vance Metal in Geneva, NY masterly fabricated the fermentors and serving tanks. All is brewed in the basement of our pub here in Hector, NY.